Terms of visiting club GODVIL | Brīvības gatve 214b |

While visiting club you accept the following terms and conditions stated below:

  1. Terms and conditions are binding to all club visitors.
  2. Administration can limit visit to the club according to the club safety measures nevertheless the visitor has obtained entry ticket or not.
  3. Security of the club has rights to search each visitor’s private belongings to guarantee the safety in the club.
  4. Age limitation while attending club – 18 years.
  5. It is forbidden to carry in the club: all kinds of drinks (not depending on its packaging), poisonous and toxic substances,flammable items or substances, drugs, all kinds of vepons including ones for self-defence.
  6. Guests under alcohol or toxic influence are not allowed in the club, as well as guests with non-motivated and aggressive behaviour.
  7. Pets are not allowed in the club.
  8. Sales of any kind by third parties are not allowed in the club.
  9. It is allowed to photo or video during club events using nonprofessional equipment. All the materials to be used for home use only. Professional photographying or filming is allowed only for media representatives carrying special accreditations to do so. The accreditation should be received prior to the event from club’s administration or concert organization. (For terms and conditions of accreditation please contact GODVIL administration).
  10. Club is not responsible for any losses or damages of visitor’s cars, personal belongings and jewelry.
  11. Administration of the club has rights without prior notice to make changes in event program, change list of participants.
  12. Guests of the club are obliged to accept club rules and conditions.
  13. Guests of the club accept any photo taking, video, tv or radio broadcasting, materials from these actions belong to the club and should be used for any club purposes.
  14. It is forbidden to resell invitations received from the club to third parties.